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Buy Accessories Dedicated to Pets in NE Calgary

We understand that you love your pets a lot, and a personalized necklace or a mug with their picture is a great way to express your feelings. To capture those happy and precious moments with your pet, we bring an array of accessories for pet lovers. At Doggywood Limited in NE Calgary, you can find jewellery, houseware, clothing and Foozys socks dedicated to your favorite pet animals. You can also preserve your special pet memories in picture frames and stationary from our store. Get in touch with us to get your personalized merchandise.

Cute Foozys Socks

At Doggywood Limited, we also stock cute socks by Foozys that come in a variety of dog breed theme prints. If you are a dog lover, these socks are a must-have for you. Foozys socks are stretchy, comfortable, lightweight and suitable for all ages. Some of the other features of Foozys socks are:

Superior quality

Durable and long lasting

100% satisfaction guarantee

Unbeatable value

Colour variations

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